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Original, one-of-a-kind pieces ~ Custom-designed pieces
One of a kind jewelry by Fossil Creek CreationsEach Fossil Creek Creation is completely unique, handmade and assembled into a one-of-a kind jewelry piece.

The patterns and colors you see are neither paint, glass, fabric, wood (nor whatever else you may imagine) but, rather, are made entirely with polymer clay. Fossil Creek Creations are made exclusively with kato polyclay® which differs from other available clays in its inherent properties (e.g., not prone to color change, less subject to breakage after curing, micas in metallic clays can be manipulated to produce depth in a smooth surface [chantoyancy]). Fossil Creek's artisanal manipulation of these properties, incorporating its sense of design and nature's profound influence, have been combined to form each piece.

What does this mean? Colors you see have been created from a basic palette. The process of designing patterns is much like making quilt patterns or putting puzzles together, sliding small pieces of color in specific places. Patterns, once combined, are then formed into each of the shapes you see, be it bangle, bead, cuff, pin. Each wet clay piece goes through a curing process to harden it (275° - 300° F). Once individual bits have been cured and cooled, they are hand-sanded (from 320 through to 2000 grit) to remove any rough edges and further bring out the depth of a pattern's design and color. Individual pieces are then ready for assembly into the bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc. you see before you.

Our signature logo (the gold, chantoyant shell) ensures you have the genuine article.

Cecilia Ransom Phillips
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One of a kind jewelry by Fossil Creek Creations